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Increase conversion rate with a fully customisable instant messaging solution that makes it easy to engage with Wordpress visitors in real time.

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Product Features

Chat with your WordPress Site visitors in real time, transfer customers to another operator, forward the customer to a contact form when busy, share files and images, engage with customer manually or automatically.


Setup the build in chat bot to answer some of the basic questions. Keep the customer in the line until you pick up the chat.

Auto ProActive

Other call it engage customers we like to say be ProActive and invite your website visitors automatically or manually.

Read Customers Mind

Everything that customers are typing in is visible in the chat window, even if they don’t send it over.

File Sharing

Share files, images, documents with your website visitors and vice versa. Our secure file system allows you to share files anytime.

Track Visitors

Go to your live online visitor site and check what is going on your website. See from which country, where and when your visitors are browsing your pages.

Offline Messages

When no operator is online you can decide to show a contact form, we will inform you on new offline messages and keep a history of it as well.

Canned Responses

Typing the same again and again can be anoying, therefore we have added standard responses. Setup as many you like and use them in a conversation with a click .

Multi Operator

Mulitple operators can transfer conversations to each other and with our native apps you will receive a push notification on a transfer as well.

Whatsapp Integration

Integrate WhatsApp with your Chat and Let your customer connect with you through WhatsApp by even not knowing your phone number.

Widget Customization

Customize the widget to match it with your brand. Change style, color, title, position and much more just by a click of a button.

iOS and Android App

Reply to your customers even on the go, we’ve got you covered! Download our FREE iOS & Android App and connect with your customers.


Statistics all over the place, chat duration, feedbacks, top sites, locations, best rated operators and much more.

Simple Plans for Your Requirement



  • 1 operator
  • 1 Department
  • 1 Concurrent Chat
  • 15 Days Chat History
  • Mobile Apps
  • All Features


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  • 10 operator
  • Unlimited Department
  • 15 Concurrent Chat
  • 180 Days Chat History
  • Mobile Apps
  • All Features


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  • 3 operator
  • 3 Department
  • 3 Concurrent Chat
  • 90 Days Chat History
  • Mobile Apps
  • All Features


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